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​​​​​When it comes to peace of mind, Waterboy Irrigation wants to make sure that you are confident that your underground sprinkler system investment is safe.  This is why when Waterboy Irrigation installs your underground sprinklers and you contract us for spring start-ups and winter shut downs for the first three years you will receive a no hassle three year warranty. This means you don't pay a penny for parts or labour should anything malfunction in the sprinkler system.   

A big part of your sprinkler systems maintenance and up keep is in your spring start-up and winter shut downs.  If either one of these services are performed incorrectly you can sacrifice the quality of your system and possibly damage heads and hoses as well as other components.  When your sprinkler systems maintenance is completed by Waterboy Irrigation we ensure that your sprinkler system is maintained properly and continues to work 100% efficiently.   

Does this mean that you are completely unprotected after your sprinkler systems installation if you plan to maintain the sprinkler system yourself or through a third party? 

Of course not, your sprinkler system is fully covered for the remainder of the installation season.  Just give us a call and we'll be right out to diagnose the problem and we'll get your sprinklers back up and running ASAP.  You will also receive a limited three year warranty should something malfunction with your sprinkler system as long as it is not a caused by inadequate maintenance.

What is NOT covered under the warranty? 

Waterboy Irrigation covers all natural causes of malfunction or breakdowns to your sprinkler system.  What we don't cover are damages caused to any sprinkler components at the hands of the property owner and/or any third party.

Some examples of damages not covered by warranty are:   

-Damages caused to the sprinkler system by the property owner or a third party from tools or machines used to dig, such as shovels, excavators, hand tools etc.

-Damages caused to the sprinkler system from relocating underground sprinkler lines or sprinkler heads by the property owner or a third party.

Damages not covered by warranty are not limited to the above scenarios.     


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